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USDA Prime Home Loans

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Family of 1-4  $91,900
Family of 5-8   $121,300
Households of more than 8 members can add eight percent for each additional member to their 1-4 member household USDA income limit.

The income of all family members who will be residing in the property is taken into consideration in this calculation even if they will not be on title !
** Not all properties are eligible for USDA financing 
even if they are located 
in eligible cities.  
Verify your specific property's 
eligibility by going to

or contact me, 
Scott Simmons, 
at 760-831-0044
and I'll verify it for you.

rates, terms, fees, information, guidelines deemed reliable but are subject to changes and revisions and are therefore not guaranteed

USDA 100% Financing

0% Downpayment


is available

in our area in the following cities 

in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Cherry Valley
Desert Hot Springs
Sun City
Thousand Palms

Big Bear City
Big Bear Lake
Joshua Tree
Lake Arrowhead
Morongo Valley
Lucerne Valley
Running Springs
29 Palms
Yucca Valley

100% USDA Financing !!!
0% Down !

Primary Residences Only.

Homes, PUD's, 
and Condo's that are approved 

Cosigner's allowed only if they will also Occupy the property as their primary residence.

Minimum 620 credit score with us.

29/41 debt to income ratios.

Seller can pay up to 6% of all of buyers closing costs.

20% of sales price in liquid assets disqualifies the buyer(s)

Lot value not to exceed 30% of the appraised value.

Debt to income ratios 
are calculated using income only from those applying for the loan

However, all debts from both spouses are used to qualify 
whether they are both on the loan or not.  Credit reports are required from all spouses, but are not required of other family members residing in the property who will not be on the loan.

         Income documentation and verification , ( signed 4506 and 2 years tax returns, W-2's and most recent pay stub ), from EVERY family member who is residing in the property will be required, 
( and used to calculate maximum family income limits ).

         Borrower / buyer(s) can own no other properties except the subject property at close, 
although other family members residing in the property can own other property.  If one spouse owns other property, the other spouse who does not own any other property can buy a primary residence using USDA financing, but the other house payment is used in calculating debt to income ratios, unless that home has a two year history of rental income.  USDA does not allow rents to offset payments at all unless there is a 2 year history of rental income.

Bankruptcies, foreclosures, deed in lieu, short sales, NOD's 
allowed after 36 months.

No late payments allowed on rent or mortgages in the past 12 months.

Swimming pools, spas, and other "luxury items" are allowed
but their value is deducted from the property value and renders USDA financing impractical.

1% USDA Guarantee fee is financed in the loan amount